Firuza Madrakhimova

Underwriter 2 at Sourcepoint Mortgage

February 1, 2021, Firuza was a client of Beth’s

Beth is the best recruitment consultant I have ever worked with! She’s incredibly talented, never misses a follow up call, and a pleasure to work with!

Calvin Williams, MBA

Licensed Loan Officer Assistant at First Savings Mortgage Corporation

August 1, 2020, Calvin was a client of Beth’s

Genuine and hardworking professional, It’s rare that you come across a talent like Beth. I was very impressed with how she stays on top of things and kept me informed.

Karen Yang

First Savings Mortgage

July 30, 2020, Karen was a client of Beth’s

I have worked with Beth professionally for years now and she has helped us place multiple candidates. Beth is honest and takes great pride in trying to match us with candidates that would fit well organizationally. I highly recommend Beth!

Marsha Carpenter


March 25, 2020, Marsha was a client of Beth’s

Beth is not your normal recruiter! Beth is amazing in placing you with the right company and has years of experience. She will always research the companies and find the best fit for you! I don’t look at her as a recruiter nor do I like calling her a recruiter. I look at her as the #1 person for placing you in the right position that fit your needs. She is a very genuine and honest person and if she feels something is not right she will definitely be right up front with you. I can’t stress enough that she is an amazing connection if you’re in the market to change positions Or looking for a new Job that fits your needs! Beth Rosenbaum is definitely the number one contact that you need to reach out to! 

Javier M Gonzalez

Senior Loan Officer | NMLS ID #1089141

March 24, 2020, Javier M was a client of Beth’s

Beth was great! She listened and truly cared about me and my needs, she then contacted several companies to make sure she found the perfect match. I’m happy I picked up the phone. Beth is the best!

Jennifer Parker

Mortgage Executive | FinTech | Relationship Management | Housing Finance | Lender Strategy

November 20, 2018, Jennifer was a client of Beth’s

Beth is absolutely a top-notch executive head hunter. I worked with Beth on my personal search and was extremely happy with her professionalism, follow-through, and commitment to open and collaborative conversations. Beth was truly a pleasure to work with and pushed at the appropriate times and also had a ton of patience when needed. Beth was able to open doors with organizations who are historically known for being difficult to work with. I cannot recommend Beth strongly enough. If you are an executive searching for your next position, Beth is the person to let manage your transition. See less

Michael Ullmann

Senior Loan Officer | NMLS ID #159913

November 8, 2018, Michael was a client of Beth’s

I strongly recommend Beth Rosenbaum if you are in the mortgage industry and considering a move. Beth connected me with several companies and helped me navigate through the process of picking my next employer. Beth was always available and truly listened to my needs to make sure I found the the best fit. My move and transition was pain free thanks in large part to Beth. See less


Bud Wilkinson

Director Of Business Development at First Heritage Mortgage

June 11, 2018, Bud was a client of Beth’s

Beth is a consummate professional and has been an excellent resource for very high quality candidates to our company. When she recommends someone to you, you can be sure that the person is well worth getting to know. We have been fortunate to hire a number of them and look forward to continuing to build on this mutually beneficial relationship. See less


Tony Feiner

Loan Processor at First Heritage Mortgage

April 5, 2018, Tony was a client of Beth’s

Beth's determination and dedication to finding the perfect position for me was second to none! I had the pleasure of working with Beth as she helped me secure a position with a new company that I am thrilled to be a part of. She could have easily given up on me as I struggled at first to understand exactly what I was looking for and turning down a few offers presented to me. However, she never gave up on me and I cannot thank her enough for that! I would highly recommend Beth to anyone in the mortgage industry that is looking for a change of pace. See less


Matt Cunningham

Driving growth for lenders leveraging Salesforce.

February 14, 2018, Matt was a client of Beth’s

Beth was very helpful in helping me find the right mortgagecompany to work for. I feel like I talked to her almost everydayduring the hiring process. She was very attentive and answeredall of my questions no matter the time of day. If you are looking toswitch companies you need to call Beth!


Michael Rebibo

Financial Services Executive and Entrepreneur

January 23, 2018, Michael was a client of Beth’s

I have worked with Beth for about 7 years and she is an excellent recruiter. She brought us high quality people and helped us grow our company. Whenever we had an issue with a recruit, she worked with us to resolve it quickly and professionally. I would recommend Beth to anyone wanting a quality recruiter in the market place. See less


Lolanda Cooper

Banking Professional

May 26, 2017, Lolanda was a client of Beth’s

I definitely recommend Beth! She found me an awesome job!


Kelsey Bailes

Closing at McLean Mortgage Corp.

May 26, 2017, Kelsey was a client of Beth’s

Beth Rosenbaum has been a tremendous help with not only landing me my current position with McLean Mortgage but also with finding multiple others their fit in the mortgage industry. Both my sister, my close friend and now my boyfriend have been blessed with Beth's extraordinary helpfulness in finding them exactly what they are looking for in their careers and I couldn't express how thankful I am to have found her. She is truly a one of a kind woman who is responsible for putting so many of us on a great path to success and for that I am beyond thankful. :) See less


Amy Mentzer

Seasoned Real Estate Specialist

October 14, 2014, Amy was a client of Beth’s

Beth is wonderful to work with. She contacted me via LinkedIn about a year and a half ago regarding a position she thought was a good match for me. While in the same industry, it presented an opportunity to learn something almost completely new, and has allowed me to increase my overall value and marketability. During the process of working with Beth, I was considering other offers and the company she introduced me to was and still is my number one choice. In April, I celebrated my one year anniversary with the company she introduced me to and I couldn’t be more pleased with what I am doing, the people I work with, and the direction of my career. Beth still contacts me regularly to see how I am doing and takes time out of her schedule to meet up for lunch, or to just stop by the office to say hi. I could tell from the beginning that she truly cared about my career goals and about me as a person, separate from work. I have never felt such genuine interest nor received such fantastic service from anyone else in her industry. Beth is a rare find and I am so happy that she reached out to me when she did. I regularly refer professionals I know to her and they are always quite pleased with the results as well. I highly recommend Beth’s services and expertise to anyone searching for a great career opportunity.