Job Title: Dedicated MSA Realtor Loan Officer

Job Location: Arlington, VA; Washington, DC; Rockville, MD; Frederick, MD

Job Description: You will have a captive audience with 2 dedicated very busy Realtor Brokerage offices. The Broker Owners work in collaboration with you monthly to focus on specific Realtors and products. You will be in the Brokerage offices for at least 2 half days per week, more if you prefer. Obviously the more time you spend in the office, the greater your capture rate. You will offer solutions to Realtors and their Borrowers for various types of loans, products, credit solutions, etc. You will become the Lender of choice due to your superior knowledge, customer service, rates, and ability.

Job Requirements: An expert level knowledge of various loan types, rates, products. Excellent customer service and the ability to build rapport and trust with Realtors and Borrowers alike. Professional demeanor with a track record of success with converting warm leads into new business.

Company Description: This Company is a Joint Venture between a well-known/respected Lender and a similarly well-known/respected Real Estate Brokerage Firm. The interest rates are uber competitive, and their technology is second to none. This particular Joint Venture is headed up by a very successful industry veteran who recognized the value of work/life balance, and of having something special that other Lenders do not.

Basis Points: BP's range from 65-75. There is a per loan cap of $3,500. This is so that you remain uber competitive.

The Sizzle: Nationwide these Joint Ventures have an average capture rate of 20%. Assuming that holds true for this opportunity, it should yield $240k. This does not take into account your own spot business, which you are still able to close. And with these overly competitive rates, there should still be Refi business available to you. If you are a very experienced, knowledgeable, affable Loan Officer who doesn't have a solid book of business, and can convert warm leads, your capture rate should exceed the nationwide average.